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Mints you can buy in the UK

If you are just thinking of buying your first mint plants, visit all of your nearest Garden Centres or Plant Nurseries. From what you have seen you can then go back and pick out several plants to try out. You should easily be able to find half a dozen different plants to try out, and this would be plenty for you to manage in your first year, as mints require more attention than many other herbs in pots. If you are not growing in pots then give them at least two years in the ground until you buy more than half a dozen different mints. If you are buying plants in mid-summer I would advice buying in 1 litre or larger size, as 8/9cm size plants do not have much time left to produce enough rhizome growth to get them through the winter.

If you already have a few mints, and are looking for more, then most UK Herb Farms have a very good selection of mints, and provide plenty of choice for your acquisitions. There's no point in spending your money on a lot of plants that you may not be able to look after, especially during the winter, so don't get get carried away and get too many at once! You could try the RHS website to find the nearest Herb Farm with a longer list of mints, but not all herb farms are listed!. Use their Nursery Finder page, and click on specialty and herbs for details and lists of plants of those they do list. Alternatively look on my Herb Farms and Nurseries page for address and contact details of a larger list of sources.


In two or three years when you have exhausted local supply, and gained enough experience of the annual workload, then the nurseries listed below are worth a special visit (if open to callers). To find more information go to the Sources page or click on the Nursery initials. These nine suppliers are listed because they sell more than 30 types of mint and/or they sell less common types, may be the only source or are the original source.


Mentha plants listed as available from major suppliers in the UK.

The names, in blue, in Verdana type. are listed alphabetically in Botanical classification, then by any Horticultural classification, and lastly by any other information, such as description or common names. Recent (so-called) common names, often derived from cultivar names, or invented by a supplier, even if previously used (!), are not given unless needed.
"Double quotation marks" are used to indicate that this name is not likely to be correct for this plant, or not in accordance with the relevant naming codes, but is widespread in use for this plant.
An asterisk* indicates more than one type of mint being sold under this name. This does need expansion for collectors, but would take a lot of space and not suitable for this table.
(Additional name components in brackets, lighter blue and slightly smaller text is used by at least one of the suppliers, maybe even the RHS, but is actually incorrect - it is given here to avoid confusion.)
Historical common names are given in brown, in Times New Roman type at the same point size, which looks smaller than Verdana.
The plant names follow the RHS Plant Finder (where they actually list this plant) unless their name is wrong for the plant in question, or where they have changed the name they used in different RHSPF editions, or where their name is not consistent with other authorities, specialised or informed opinion.

The sources listed here are not the only sources of most of the plants listed, although in a some cases they are! You can find out if their are more sources by going to the RHS Plant Finder online and see how many sources are listed for the mint, although we don't always agree with names! As an example Mentha cervina alba is available from a number of aquatic plant nurseries as well as a few herb nurseries. 
(If there is a demand for this information within this list I could plan to provide in the future, but as it will take some time to create I would like to know if it is wanted).

The Herb Nursery does not do Mail Order and only attends local shows, but is well worth a visit (where all mints are on display in 10 litre pots and labeled clearly) especially on their Open Weekend in June.
Penborn Goat Farm sells plants by Mail Order and from the Nursery. All plants for sale have been propagated  from their National Collection stock and they continue to add to their list. On their website is a list of plants that are produced in pots available by Mail Order or from local Shows -these are indicated in bold nursery initials below [PGF]. The rest of the Collection  is listed as "Plants that can be seen in the garden" and sections of roots, rhizomes and shoots will be taken directly from Collection plants, subject to size of stock, if requested - these are indicated as normal type [PGF]. Enquire for availability when ordering and expect some unavailability each year..
Old Hall Plants, previously a very major supplier, now only has a few varieties at the Nursery - these are in green. I have included, in grey, those that used to be supplied to show the importance they played in the past, especially as many were their introductions of the plant to the UK, or the first retails supplier to the public. They used to have the largest list, but have now been superceded by PGF.

soon to be added - Laurel Farm Herbs sell by Mail Order and from the Nursery.

Jekka's Herb Farm used to predominantly sell by Mail Order, shows  and on "Open Days". As from September 2012 the retail nursery has closed, as we knew it, however some plants will be for sale at special "Herb Fridays".
Iden Croft Herbs holds a National Collection, and sells mints from the Nursery and by mail order, see the RHS Plant Finder list, and enquire.
Green Garden Herbs have moved base a couple of times and are not in the current RHS Plant Finder. I have still included there previous listings in case they are still trading or need encouragement!
Edulis is new to this section and has a good range of plant. Does not do mail order during spring and early summer (because of Shows). Collect from shows or by appointment from nursery which is not open to the public.
Arne Herbs continue to provide a number of unique mints, reliably by Mail Order or by collecting from the nursery, by appointment.

 Click on the nursery initials to go to their contact details

 Mentha "angustifolia" ambig.       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha aquatica  water mint AH     ICH   OHP PGF THN
 Mentha aquatica var. crispa       ICH     PGF  
 Mentha arvensis  corn mint; field mint AH     ICH     PGF THN
 Mentha arvensis canadensis             PGF  
 Mentha arvensis 'Banana'   E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha arvensis piperascens*  Japanese mint*   E   ICH JHF*   PGF THN
 Mentha arvensis piperascens 'Sayakaze' AH           PGF  
 Mentha asiatica  asian mint       ICH     PGF THN
 Mentha 'Berries and Cream'TM   E   ICH JHF   PGF  
 Mentha 'Betty's Slovakian'             PGF  
 Mentha "brevifolia"       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha cervina   E   ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha cervina alba             PGF THN
 Mentha 'Clarissa's Millennium'       ICH     PGF  
 Mentha "crispa ambig. x piperita"             PGF  
 Mentha 'Dionysus'       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha dumetorum             PGF  
 Mentha eucalyptus mint  eucalyptus mint     GGH     OHP PGF THN
 Mentha gattefossei  American pennyroyal  (also used for other plants in a different genus) AH              
 Mentha x gracilis [often used for next plant]  ginger mint       ICH     PGF  
 Mentha x gracilis 'Variegata' variegated ginger mint AH E GGH   JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha Green Ginger             PGF THN
 Mentha haplocalyx  Chinese mint AH         OHP    
 Mentha 'Hilary's Sweet Lemon' TM       ICH   OHP PGF THN
 Mentha 'Julia's Sweet Citrus' TM       ICH   OHP PGF THN
 Mentha "lacerata"       ICH        
 Mentha lavender mint*  lavender mint*   E GGH   JHF* OHP PGF THN
 Mentha longifolia  horse mint       ICH     PGF  
 Mentha longifolia 'Buddleia'/Buddleia mint group  Buddleia mint AH E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha longifolia short form/dwarf           OHP PGF  
 Mentha longifolia 'Lake Van'           OHP PGF  
 Mentha longifolia subsp. schimperi   E            
 Mentha longifolia 'Silver'/silver-leaved  silver mint AH E     JHF   PGF THN
 Mentha longifolia 'Variegata'   E     JHF OHP PGF  
 Mentha 'Nile Valley'/Nile Valley mint AH E   ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha piperita officinalis/white peppermint  white peppermint AH           PGF  
 Mentha piperita 'Black Mitchum'/'Black Mitcham'             PGF  
 Mentha piperita piperita/black peppermint  black peppermint AH E GGH   JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata  Eau de Cologne mint AH E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata 'Basil'* basil mint*   E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata 'Bergamot'           OHP PGF  
 Mentha piperita f. citrata 'Chocolate'  Chocolate mint AH E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata 'Grapefruit'     GGH   JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata 'Lemon'*  lemon mint*   E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata 'Lime'* lime mint*   E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata 'Orange'   E GGH   JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha piperita f. citrata from Portugal AH           PGF  
 Mentha piperita Logee's  variegated peppermint AH   GGH ICH     PGF  
 Mentha piperita Logee's reverted ("Rev Var" OHP)           OHP PGF  
 Mentha piperita var. ouwencellii       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha piperita 'Reine Rouge'       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha piperita 'Reverchonii'       ICH   OHP PGF UHE
 Mentha piperita 'Swiss Ricola'       ICH   OHP   THN
 Mentha piperita "Swiss mint"/'Swiss'/"Swiss"   E GGH       PGF  
 Mentha  Polynesian mint     GGH       PGF  
 Mentha pulegium  pennyroyal; creeping pennyroyal AH     ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha pulegium Portuguese  Portuguese pennyroyal AH           PGF  
 Mentha pulegium 'Upright'  upright pennyroyal AH     ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha requienii  Corsican mint; Spanish mint AH   GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha "sativa" (syn. of spicata)         JHF      
 Mentha x smithiana  red mint   E GGH   JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha "South of France"           OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata*  spear mint*   [can vary considerably] AH   GGH   JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha spicata 'Algerian Fruity'   E   ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Austrian'           OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Brundall'       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Canaries'             PGF  
 Mentha spicata var. crispa  curly mint; curly spearmint AH E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha spicata 'English Lamb'   E            
 Mentha spicata (var. crispa) 'Moroccan' AH E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha spicata 'Guernsey'  Guernsey mint*       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Kentucky Colonel'   E            
 Mentha spicata 'Mexican' AH           PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Newbourne'       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Pharaoh' AH           PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Rhodos'/'Rhodes'           OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Russian'   E GGH ICH       THN
 Mentha spicata 'Spanish furry'       ICH   OHP PGF THN
 Mentha spicata 'Spanish Pointed'       ICH JHF OHP PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Swiss' AH       JHF      
 Mentha spicata 'Tashkent' AH E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha spicata subsp. tomentosa       ICH     PGF  
 Mentha spicata 'Verte Blanche'           OHP PGF  
 Mentha suaveolens*  apple mint* AH   GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha suaveolens 'Grapefruit'   E GGH ICH     PGF  
 Mentha suaveolens 'Jokka'             PGF  
 Mentha suaveolens 'Le Boues'         JHF   PGF  
 Mentha suaveolens 'Mobillei'       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha suaveolens 'Variegata'  variegated apple mint AH E   ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha suaveolens subsp. timija   E   ICH JHF   PGF THN
 Mentha 'Sweet Pear'           OHP PGF  
 Mentha x villosa       ICH   OHP PGF  
 Mentha x villosa var. alopecuriodes  Bowles' mint   E GGH ICH JHF OHP PGF THN
 Mentha x villosa (cordifolia) "Jack Green's mint" AH           PGF  
 Mentha "verona"           OHP PGF  
 (C) David Barrett, 2012, this table and it's contents is not to be partially or fully copied, reproduced, or extracted without prior written permission, which will never be given by email. Write to David Barrett, 7 Gwelfor, Rhosgadfan, Caernarfon, LL54 7HA, Wales, UK, including your postal address. If you save the table or this page, the same restrictions apply to the file as a digital copy or subsequently printed copy. Where permission is given there will not normally be a charge for non-profit use providing acknowledgements are adequate, and where permission is given to profit-making activity charges or restrictions will depend on the individual use. If used without getting permission future use will be withheld.


1. This list is not comprehensive. Why? I have tried, very hard, to make sure that the plants referred to by each individual nursery are indeed the same species, cultivar or clone, even by comparing the growing plants at home, from time to time. However I cannot give an absolute 100% Guarantee about this, not including the odd nursery mistake in individual pot labels. Some nursery's use their own form of description, or even name, where they are unsure of the common name, generalised commercial name or even true cultivar name. This can just add to the already existing confusion of some of the hybrid groups or species with many variations. Another problem is the RHS database following certain lines of approach which aren't consistent with regard to reallocating nursery naming where it causes problems with the RHS database. It's just one of those things we have to learn to live with, and in light of own experience and reference to other descriptions or plants if there has been a mistake, try again. So for this reason, not wishing to add to the confusion, where the nursery's name or description does not seem to indicate the right plant for that name I have left the plant off the above list, or not used bold type, depending on my reservations. If any nursery wishes to contact me regarding this, please do at: plant-table @ When placing orders using nursery list of catalogue or the RHS online Nursery lists, please bare in mind I have no control of what or how they list plant names.
2. This is not a complete list of all mints, but plants that are available for sale at the moment in the UK. If a name is not listed, it may only be available from one source that sells only a couple of forms, and so not included (at the moment). However if you think it should be listed then tell me, at:  plant-table @
3. This list is not a list of the accessions, or even taxa, in my National Plant Collection(R) (or any of the other National Collections for that matter). If I have listed the taxa in my Collection they will be on my National Mentha Collection site. It is very unlikely I will ever list all accession, as this would be of little use unless you are Very serious about the plants in which case you will have come to see me anyway.
4. I do not have a Nursery or any other form of commercial arrangement in association with my National Collection, so I do not have a Nursery List or Catalogue. I suggest you try one of the sources above. Plant material can be made available of most accessions, if necessary, from my National Collection, but will involve a considerable wait. See the Collection web pages for more information. 



Mints you can buy in the UK
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