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The website has been created to provide information on mint plants, which when it first went online was very thin on the ground. It is not aimed at the professional botanical or horticultural browser, but although amateur I hope it provides as much detail as an ordinary enthusiastic grower of mints might want. So as an ordinary herb, or even mint enthusiast, if there is anything you would like to see on this website let me know.

This website is produced in and based on information from the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). So the use of the domain as the address might bring disappointment to readers from outside the UK, but there is no .uk version of .info for me to use. I am happy to add information on mints in other countries but I do not have the spare time, as a full-time sole Carer, to promise any timetable if I have to search it all out myself. So if you would like to see non-UK information on this site soon you will have to send something to me.

The background picture on the site, at the moment, is a close-up of a not-yet-flowering shoot of Mentha x piperita citrata 'Chocolate' or chocolate mint (sometimes wrongly called chocolate peppermint), which came from Arne Herbs, who acquired their original plant from a source in New Jersey, USA.

The site ...

Classification of mints
What are mints and how do they relate to other plants. This is I hope explained simply on the classification page.

Cultivation of mints
Mints aren't that difficult to grow, if you don't have too many, or you don't live in the driest parts of the UK, but some tips may be of help. So I have summarized my views and experiences, so far, on the most important points on the cultivation page.

Books on mints
Herb books, vegetable and allotment gardening books will most likely have something to say on mint, with the bigger the book the more the "varieties" mentioned. But if you are searching for real information this may be difficult. Publications specialising on mints will be on the books page, but this page is still being worked on.

Where to see mints
In the UK places to see mints growing are mostly at nurseries, which may have some larger plants you can look at at any time, as well as some smaller plants you can buy. National Plant Collections of Mentha will have larger plants to see, by arrangement, but may not sell plants, or if they do are unlikely to have all forms you see in their Collection available to buy at the time of a visit, if they do sell plants.

Places to buy mints
In the UK a few plants can be found in most Garden Centres and Nurseries these days, with a larger choice available by visiting your nearest Herb Farm. If you are really sure you can accommodate even more mints in your garden then try the few
specialist sources.

What's available if you want to buy mints
This page contains a table of plant names listed as available by the nurseries with the largest lists of mints. If you are really sure you've got the room, then have a look at the
plants page. 

The naming of mints
This page is aimed at explaining what names have, and have not, been given to mints - botanical, horticultural and common names - how to write the names correctly and why. This page is not a list of all the names, a subject which is a lot more complex than you might have thought.

My Mentha Collection, in Wales (opens in a new page)
This section of the website is information specifically related to my National Plant Collection (one of four in the UK), designated by the NCCPG/PlantHeritage in 1991. 

Plant details and pictures - A future development
Although I realise this may well be what many visitors to this site really want to see, it is going to be some time before they will be in luck. Until the beginning of this year I have been a full-time home Carer and so had very limited time to do that I wanted to the website. Maybe I can do more this year.

To contact me with suggestions and helpful ways to improve these pages, and even provide information to put on them, please email: website @ .

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