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Nurseries with over 30 mints listed

Arne Herbs    Edulis    Green Garden Herbs    Iden Croft Herbs    Jekka's Herb Farm    Laurel Farm Herbs    Old Hall Plants     Penborn Goat Farm   The Herb Nursery    Unusual Herbs and Edibles    Yorkshire Lavender

Arne Herbs - Avon
ahlogo.jpg (7595 bytes)
Anthony Lyman-Dixon and Jenny Thomas have been in business for some time specialising in wild flowers for conservation schemes and authentic plants to the re-creation of historic gardens. Their mint numbers for sale isn't large but has always included something for the enthusiast. Anthony was probably the first to re-introduce chocolate mint to the UK. 'Nile Valley' mint and Pharoah mint were their introductions. Their current catalogue has many forms difficult to obtain elsewhere, including the very difficult to keep Mentha gattefossei
Owners: Anthony Lymon-Dixon &  Jenny Thomas
Postal Limeburn Nurseries, Limeburn Hill, Chew Magna, BRISTOL, BS40 8QW
Telephone: 01275 333399
Fax: 01275 333399
Email & 
Catalogue: 3.75, cost refundable with first order. "The most up-to-date information is to be found on the website."
Mail order: yes
Nursery Sales: yes, but ring beforehand to make sure someone will be there, as they don't keep regular times.
Number of mints listed on website catalogue: 30 
Number of mints listed in RHS Plant Finder online:


Edulis - Berkshire
A specialist nursery but with a wide range of plants, including a strong emphasis on herbs and rarer edible plants There is a wide selection of mints offered during the season, but the nursery is not open to the public, nor does it have any open days. Mail order is available outside of the main show season each year, otherwise attendances at smaller and larger shows in southern England (including Chelsea) may make collection of orders easier. Otherwise, orders may be collected from the nursery by appointment if Paul is not at a show. The number of mints available has been increasing, including some not available elsewhere.
Owner: Paul Barney
Office address:
1 Flowers Piece, Ashampstead, Reading, RG8 8SG
01635 578113
07802 812781
Nursery address:
The Walled Garden, Bere Court Farm, Tidmarsh Lane, Pangbourne, RG8 8HT (not open to the public)
Opening times:
by appointment only for collection of orders - email or ring for the plants you are interested in and when you'd like to collect, if possible..
Mail Order:
not during the spring of early summer - only July to March; at other times plants can be collected from the many shows attended (see website) or from the nursery by arrangement.
Catalogue: available online
Number of mints listed on website shop: 35
Number of mints listed in catalogue: 35
Number of mints listed in the RHS Plant Finder online: 37


Iden Croft Herbs - Kent

ichlogo.gif (8408 bytes)
Iden Croft Herbs holds one of the four National Mentha Collections. The herb nursery is open for sales most of the year, although the mints in National Collection are only viewable during the Summer when the pots are moved to the display area. The more common mints are available for sale from the Nursery most of the time. Forms of less interest to the general public may also be available, but contact the nursery to see what is available before setting out or request your plants by mail order.
Contact: Nursery Manager: Tracy Conners-Pearman 
Postal Address: Frittenden Road, STAPLEHURST, TN12 0DH
Telephone: 01580 891432
Fax: 01580 892416
Mail Order:  yes, available through website, or contact directly.

Nursery Sales:  Yes. Previously
Mar-Christmas Mon-Sat 09.00-17.00, Sun & Bank Hol 11.00-17.00, closed Jan-Feb, but ring to confirm.
Number of mints listed on website shop: 
Number of mints listed in RHS Plant Finder online:



Jekka's Herb Farm - Avon

Well known for her stalls at many of the Horticultural Shows, Jekka had steadily been adding mints to her list over the years and got up to 34. However in 2012 she stopped doing mail order. She has now created a large herb garden or "Herboretum" to display most of the large range of herbs at the Nursery which can be bought at a series of "Open Days" when both will be open.  See website for a list of up-to-date open days or any changes. The  2014 days are Fridays and Saturdays, 4th &n 5th April, 2nd & 3rd May, 30th & 31st May, 27th & 28th June, 25th & 26th July, and Sundays 13th July and 3rd August for NGS; plus some Autumn dates to be announced later.

Owner: Jekka McVicar 
Postal Address: Rose Cottage, Shellards Lane, Alveston, BRISTOL, BS35 3SY
Telephone: 01454 418878 or 0845 290 3255
Fax: 01454 424907
Mail order: No
Nursery Sales:
during the open days - see website
Show Sales



Laural Farm Herbs - Suffolk

Laural Farm Herbs - Suffolk, relocating to Devon
This  Nursery moved from Suffolk to Devon in 2013 - 350 miles! - so it will probably not be fully operational for a short time. Check twitter, website or ring for the latest.
It has been going some time and has an impressive number of varieties by mail order or to callers. Plants will be in large pots dispatched in specially designed packing. Check the website for full list and then with owners for availability.
Owner: Chris and Jenny Seagon 
Postal address
  : Previously
Main Road, A12, Kelsale, SAXMUNDHAN, IP13 2RG,
   : now to Moorland Barn, Whiddon Down, OKEHAMPTON, Devon, EX20 2QR
Telephone: ?
Mobile: 07905 518666
Fax: none
Catalogue: none by post - online catalogue only
Mail order:
yes  (has previously been sent out in pot, with compost)
Plant Sizes: previously mostly 1 litre   
Nursery Sales: yes - look on website for opening times at the new address
Number of mints listed on website shop: (16)  
Number of mints listed on website catalogue:
Number of mints listed in RHS Plant Finder online:


Penborn Goat Farm - Devon
A specialist - that is a nursery that started out only selling mints, and although it has added a few others herbs still specialises. Peter's plants were the latest to be designated  a National Mentha Collection, and he offers for sale the greatest range of mint plants in the UK. After a short suspension of mail order, he is again offering plants by post, via an online list of a smaller range that is propagated for sale, and a larger range of mints, which will be offered only if there is enough material available from the Collection. See website and enquire for availability. In 2014 you can visit the Farm and nursery on Open Days, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st April, 14th, 25th, 26th May, 23rd, 24th 25th August, from 10am-5pm, entrance fee 5 adult (includes free herb plant), 3 for under 16s. The nursery may also be open  by appointment, ring to enquire.
Owner: Peter Oldfield 
Postal Address: Penborn, Bounds Cross, HOLSWORTHY. EX22 6LH
Telephone: 01288 381569
Fax: none
Website: (the non-goat section)
Refer to website page
Mail order:
Yes; min order 10  
Nursery Sales: see website
Number of mints listed as on display: 98 
Number of mints listed in RHS Plant Finder online:


Green Garden Herbs
This nursery has changed location several times in recent years and plant availability has varied. They are nor currently listed in the RHS Nursery Finder, so please enquire regarding the present position.
Contact: Sarah Clark
Address: Beech House, 82 Leiston Road, ALDEBURGH, Suffolk, IP15 5PS
Telephone: 01728 452597 / 07949 906290
Website: - not working when I went to look
Opening times:
By appointment only, except for open weekend.
Nursery Sales:
yes? website unavailable and no RHS PF entry
Mail Order
  yes? website unavailable and no RHS PF entry
was online; plant list (may be) sent on receipt of SAE
Specialty: Herbs, aromatic, culinary, medicinal & ornamental, incl. Salvia, Mentha, Thymus. Plants & seed available. Some rarities not listed as only available in very small quantities.


The Herb Nursery - Rutland

This nursery may not be known as a major source of mint plants  as they don't do any mail order or visit any major shows. But I'm glad I got around to driving to Rutland because they have all the 38 mints they list for sale on display all season and well labeled in 10 litre pots; see picture below. (They also have a very large number of scented leaf and species pelargoniums for sale in their greenhouses, which doubled my pleasure.). Many other herbs are on display in beds around the nursery including a thyme collection. You'll have to make the trip there to get you mints, maybe organise a herb group visit, or arrange to go on their Open Weekend and see behind the scenes.
Peter Bench 
Postal Address:
Thisleton. OAKHAM, LE15 7RE
01572 767658
01572 768021
Opening times:
9am-6pm (or dusk), Mon-Sun, except 2 weeks at Christmas. 
Open Days: June. Open Garden Weekend at The Herb Nursery - five acres of nursery, gardens and woodland not normally open to the public, including lavender, rosemary and origanum collections. Entry by donation. Refreshments available. Proceeds to village church clock fund.
Nursery Sales:
Mail Order:
online, or A5 SAE
Specialty: Herbs, wild flowers, cottage garden plants, mints and scented-leaf pelargoniums.  
Number of mints listed on website catalogue: 38  
Number of mints listed in RHS Plant Finder online:


Old Hall Plants - Suffolk
ohplogo.gif (5194 bytes)
Old Hall Plants had, maybe, the largest collection of mint plants for sale in the UK up until 2004. However Janet had developed other areas of specialism and the work involved in maintaining her collection of stock plants had become too time consuming, So reluctantly the majority of her mint plants were passed on. The nursery is still in business but Janet is now semi-retired and is concentrating on rarer herbs and houseplants, particularly Plectranthus. There is still one mint, she brought to the UK from Israel.  
Owner: Janet Elliot
Mail Order Address:
1 Old Hall, Barsham, BECCLES, NR34 8HB
01502 717475
Mail Order:
Nursery Sales:
by appointment
Number of mints listed on website:
Number of mints listed in RHS Plant Finder online: ?


Unusual Herbs and Edibles - Suffolk
This small nursery moved location in 2004/2005 and took a year off all sales. It appears to have not restarted, yet. It did have an very interesting small mint list including some rare and unusual forms. Maybe keep an eye  on their website for when they restart online shopping, but they aren't yet!
Owner: Lauren Rayner
Postal Address:
23 Mill Lane, Wrentham, BECCLES, NR34 7JQ
01502 502001
Fax: none
Email:  not being answered at the moment
Mail Order:  
Nursery Sales: 


Yorkshire Lavender - North Yorkshire
A first for me in 2011. I went along to their advertised Mint Weekend. The list of plants for sale in the RHS Plant Finder was impressive but not all were being offered for sale in June. Don't forget the terrible winter weather we had which had an effect on the lavender designs.  (It's impossible to predict at the time the RHS wants your list what will actually be available the following year when you are expanding your catalogue in a new area). They had just planted a small specific mint display area. They do not make of their mints these days so I don't know if they are still a major source.
Julia Snowball
Postal Address:
The Yorkshire Lavender Farm, Terrington, YORK, YO60 6PB
01653 648008
01653 648008
Opening times:
10am-5pm, Mon-Sun, 2nd April - 30th October 2011. 
none - refer to RHS Nursery Finder, - find your way to, click on Garden Plants and then on. 
Nursery Sales:
no details, but they are open every day 
Specialities: Lavandula, Thymus & Mentha
Number of mints listed on ( website: was 12, recently none
Number of mints listed in RHS Plant Finder online:




This may not an exhaustive list although it does contain the nurseries with the greatest range of mints for sale and some with an interesting unusual selection. Nurseries with a smaller range of mints are listed on the Herb Farm page. If you know of any other Mentha sources worth adding to the above, please let me know, at sources @   Thanks.

Nurseries specialising in mints
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