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The living plant Collection is being slowly moved to a different area, which has become available and is a better site to manage the plants. The establishment on the new ground will take a while to accomplish, so the display area is not looking at it's best and in fact is not really very suitable for visitors at the moment. The atrocious weather and serious health problems in 2012, held back the site improvement and has added a further year to the process.  For a real mint enthusiast, some arrangement may be possible, with some limitations. Please do NOT just turn up at my home address, as the Collection is not there.

Be prepared

The weather in the Snowdonian mountains is not like you would get in lowland England and Wales, so visitors need to come prepared for a mountainside. We do have good weather, but torrential rain or gales are possible in any month, and that does include the summer months. So wooly jumper, raincoat, hat and gloves may be needed, if you are unlucky, but wellies are definitely needed. If the forecast is really bad, then that's when your 'phone number comes in, to cancel or postpone, at short notice, with the unreliability of weather forecasting these days.

Can't Visit?

I haven't been able to put much in the way of pictures on the site, but I will try to improve on this in the future. 

Collecting plants?

Plants are sometimes available, on an occasional and random basis, on visits to the collection, surplus to the maintenance needs of the collection. In recent years I have had hardly anything spare, potted, because of family health problems. The collection is not part of any commercial enterprise and so plants are not propagated specifically for sale each year. If there is a particular plant you want I would suggest you first try one of the many Herb Farms around the country. I have also listed in more detail those that have a larger range, or rarer mints, on the specialist nurseries page as the mint plant finder which is a fairly full list, and greater than the RHS Plant Finder. If you really want plant material from me then I would propagate to order, unless rhizomes are available for posting, but I cannot give you a timetable or specific dates on which you would get any material, so request are made on these terms.

[Any enquiries for plant material for commercial or charity propagation are supplied on different terms.]


Email : collection @  (Please include your name, address and a landline phone number if you are enquiring about a visit, or want some plant material from me.)
Postal Address : 7 Gwelfor, Rhosgadfan, CAERNARFON, LL54 7HA  (Collection site is elsewhere.) Please enclose 3 x 1st Class stamps (UK) or 3 x IRCs (outside UK) if you want to be sent information. (Please include your name, address and a landline phone number if you are enquiring about a visit, or want some plant material from me.)


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