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Enquiries for plant material from commercial ventures

My mint plants are a National Mentha Collection and not a commercial enterprise or linked in any way to commercial activities. Some National Plant Collections are  directly related to Plant Nurseries and two of the four National Mentha Collections are connected to commercial Herb Farms, but mine is not.

The cost of creating, improving and maintaining my National Collection is therefore not set against any income from it. And I am not on a good private income to finance the Collection, quite the opposite.  

I collect, grow. propagate and study mints for my own enjoyment and to disperse information and plant material to real herb, and especially mint, enthusiasts.

If as a commercial grower you want some plant material from me to propagate and sell, you will be doing your bit for garden plant conservation, providing the plant is sold with the right name in all cases. But you will be making profit from material provided by me who has made a considerable loss every year in maintaining the Collection. So it seems not unreasonable to me to treat material being supplied with a commercial end use (and that includes National Garden Scheme, Plant Heritage, Hardy Plant Society and other charitable sales) to provide it on a different basis  than to individuals who are not obtaining material with money making in mind.

So if you are interested in obtaining plant material from my National Mentha Collection with the possibility of propagating and selling, please do tell me first, so that we can talk it over. If you don't, it will be difficult to get any other plant material from me in the future.

Email : collection @ 
Postal Address : 7 Gwelfor, Rhosgadfan, CAERNARFON, LL54 7HA  (Collection site is elsewhere.)
Please include your name, company or charity name, address, email address and a landline phone number, if you are enquiring about plant material with commercial propagating in mind - including for charitable income. Enclose 3 x 1st Class stamps (UK) or 3 x IRCs (outside UK) if you want reply by post.

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